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What are the advantages of disclosing secrets?

Date:2019-03-06 Views:487

What are the advantages of disclosing secrets?

In North America, which is known as the living environment in the world, more than 95% of low-rise civil buildings, including residential buildings, shopping malls, schools and office buildings, are constructed with light wood or ultra-light steel structures (even our neighbors Japan and Korea). The construction technology of low-rise residential buildings with light steel structure is evolved on the basis of North American wood structure construction technology. After more than one hundred years of development, a mature construction system with excellent physical performance, flexible space and shape, easy construction and various forms has been formed.

North American light wood and ultra-light steel structures dominate the construction market. In recent years, with the rising timber prices, the market development of ultra-light steel structure system in North America is growing rapidly at a growth rate of more than 30%, which is gradually widely accepted by the market. At the same time, it has been widely used in our neighbors Japan (which has become the KC system in Japan) and Korea, as well as in developed countries such as Australia.

The seismic performance of light steel wall is more than twice that of masonry structure.

1. Flexible connection

Most of the components of light steel wall are mechanically connected by stainless steel rivets and Dacromet high strength bolts. This flexible connection can allow horizontal interlayer displacement of 8-10 cm, which can reduce the extrusion damage of non-bearing wall when the main body of structure is deformed in earthquake, and ensure that the wall is not easy to overturn and the safety of pedestrians and residents.

2. Strong Deformation Ability

"Light steel" refers to cold-formed thin-walled light steel. The material has good ductility and small elongation of cold working property is not less than 10%. Good energy absorption capacity and ductility make light steel structure have superior seismic performance.

3. Good integrity

The overall stiffness of the wall is better than that of the masonry structure, which is less likely to occur centralized failure and fragmentation.

4. Light weight

The weight of light steel wall is about 25-35 kilograms per square meter, which is only one fifth of the weight of light block wall and one eighth of the weight of red brick wall.

External hanging plate of light steel wall has the following advantages:

1. The hanging plate can deform the ultra-light steel wall horizontally in the same width, and will not drop and injure pedestrians.

2. The exterior panel used for exterior decoration has the characteristics of super aging resistance, strong impact resistance and light weight.

3. The fixing of the external hanging plate belongs to the connecting armour system. The outer hanging plate is installed from the bottom to the top layer by layer, and is fixed by the top nailing, the male and female groove occlusion and the two side limit receptacles. The nail is fixed in the center of the chute and cannot be nailed to death.

4. Allow the hanging plate to move horizontally in the plane.

In light steel wall seismic structure, the light steel wall can swing with the main structure in the same amplitude, avoiding wall damage and human safety.

Wall top sliding groove, U-shaped sliding groove is installed at the bottom of the structure, and light steel wall is inlaid therein. Wall top sliding groove provides vertical and horizontal displacement space of the wall in the plane.

Wall side chute, U-shaped chute is installed on the structure on both sides of the wall, allowing the wall surface to move in the plane, but limiting its overturning outside the plane. The wall top sliding groove and the wall side clamping groove work together. The wall top sliding groove and the wall side clamping groove realize three sides of the light steel wall free and one side fixed.

That is to say, the bottom of the wall is fixed with the main structure, and the two sides and the top are freely connected by U-shaped steel, which allows the wall to move, but restricts its overturning outwards or inwards, and greatly reduces the damage of life and property caused by the wall collapse.

Health: Dry construction, reduce environmental pollution caused by waste, steel structure materials can be 100% recycled, most other supporting materials can also be recycled, in line with the current environmental awareness; all materials are green building materials, meet the requirements of the ecological environment, conducive to health.

Sound insulation: Sound insulation effect is an important indicator for evaluating residential buildings. The windows installed in the ultra-light steel system are insulated by hollow glass. The sound insulation effect is good, and the sound insulation effect is over 40 decibels. The wall composed of light steel keel and gypsum board with thermal insulation material can achieve sound insulation effect as high as 60 decibels.

Wind resistance: Light steel structure building has light weight, high strength, good overall rigidity and strong deformation capacity. The building's self-weight is only one fifth of that of the brick-concrete structure. It can withstand the hurricane of 70 meters per second, so that life and property can be effectively protected.

Durability: All residential structures of light steel structure are composed of cold-formed thin-walled steel members. Steel frames are made of super anti-corrosion and high strength cold-rolled aluminium-zinc plating, which can effectively avoid the influence of corrosion of steel plates during construction and use, and increase the service life of light steel members. The service life of the structure can reach 90 years.

Insulation: The main insulation material is glass fiber cotton, which has good insulation effect. With the thermal insulation board of the external wall, the phenomenon of "cold bridge" of the wall is effectively avoided, and the better thermal insulation effect is achieved. The thermal resistance value of R15 thermal insulation cotton about 100 mm thick can be equivalent to that of brick wall about 1 m thick.

Comfort: Light steel wall adopts high efficiency and energy-saving system, which has breathing function and can adjust indoor air dry and humidity; roof has ventilation function, which can form a flowing air room over the interior of the house, and the demand of ventilation and heat dissipation in the interior of the roof.

Fast: All dry work construction, not affected by the environmental season. A building of about 300 square meters only needs 5 workers and 30 working days to complete the whole process from foundation to decoration.

Environmental protection: materials can be 100% recycled, truly green and pollution-free.

Energy-saving: All of them adopt high-efficiency energy-saving wall, which has good insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation effect, and can reach 50% energy-saving standard.

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