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Performance introduction

01.Thermal insulation performance

Through the high thermal reflectivity of the aluminized and galvanized light steel structure itself, which is twice as high as that of galvanized steel sheet, the heat insulation effect is good, and the reasonable combination of super-thick weight heat insulation glass wool and various kinds of air permeability film of maintenance plate, we have formed a composite wall system with good performance and a composite roof system, which has excellent heat insulation performance.

02.Sound insulation property

Our wall, floor and roof systems consisting of light steel structures, a variety of sound insulation materials and environmentally friendly panels all have excellent sound insulation effects.

03.Corrosion Resistance

We use special 150g aluminium-zinc plated quaternary crystalline alloy metal coating, thus forming a strong and effective barrier to prevent the penetration of corrosion factors, forming excellent corrosion resistance, service life of more than 100 years. Excellent durability, excellent thermal reflectance, excellent heat resistance, although the price is more expensive than galvanized sheet, but in terms of life, has a higher cost performance.

04.Fire resistance

Our cold-formed thin-walled composite walls are coated with fire-resistant panels, and the fire-resistant limit can reach 2.5 hours. The floor and roof are covered with fire-proof panels, and the fire resistance limit can reach 1 hour.

05.Seismic performance

Our light steel structure skeleton adopts longitudinal and transverse keel insertion contraction structure and shear-resistant keel diagonal bracing of each wall, which ensures the shear stability of the structure, and connects with the internal and external maintenance plates through galvanized self-tapping high-strength bolts to form a very strong "plate-rib box structure system". The shear-resistant system of the keel skeleton itself and the external maintenance plates enhance the overall rigidity, so as to ensure the shear-resistant stability of the structure. These structures have superior seismic resistance and horizontal load resistance, so that the lives of residents can be protected before unpredictable natural earthquake disasters.


All of our structural components are designed and manufactured according to European standards. They are all traditional interlocking structures with shear-resistant skeleton bracing system, which is doubly strong. And by the professional factory personnel standardized production production, all materials are new environmental protection materials, structural dimension accuracy in millimeters, more fully ensure the unity of building quality and quality, and provide a guarantee for comprehensive promotion and industrialization.


All of our light steel structural components are made of aluminium-zinc plated material with coating (> 150g), which effectively avoids corrosion of steel components in use and has a corrosion resistance of more than 100 years.

08.Pest control ant

Our light steel structure is made of aluminized and zinc-plated material, which is not eroded by termites. Maintenance plate can prevent termites and other insect pests from erosion, suitable for construction in various areas, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

09.Snowstorm resistance

Our light steel structure has a good overall performance, can withstand basic snow load of more than 1.55KN/m2, and can withstand hurricanes of more than 70 meters per second.

10.Efficient and direct

Our production, logistics, installation and quality control are standardized, highlighting the advantages of high efficiency. Generally speaking, the construction time of light steel villas with the same building area is about 1/3 of that of traditional buildings, and the installation period is much shorter than that of traditional buildings.

11.Wide scope of application

We adopt light steel structure skeleton, light weight, no need for additional lifting equipment, manual handling and installation can be solved. At the same time, the foundation load is small, which is suitable for construction in various geological conditions, and is not limited by geological conditions. Standardized operation construction is less affected by weather and season, and uninterrupted construction is realized throughout the year.

12.Architectural modeling

Our structural components can easily achieve a variety of complex shapes, to meet the needs of various architectural styles, high-grade and diversified architectural appearance has been highly praised by users.

13.Energy saving and environmental protection

Our light steel structural materials are 100% recyclable and recyclable, and other maintenance materials are 85% recyclable and recyclable. From the whole process of raw material itself, production and manufacturing links, construction process and maintenance, it is a new type of scientific and technological housing system that truly integrates safety, health and environmental protection. Because of this, it has become the most recognized energy-saving housing system with the most promotional value in the world, and has been vigorously promoted by the vast number of users.

14.Cost performance

Because of the large-scale production and market promotion model, standardized cost control has more advantages than other structures of the same quality, which is much lower in price and has strong market competitiveness. The water and electricity pipeline can be disposed between the wall and the floor structure at one time. The interior and exterior decoration materials are durable, and the cost of the second decoration of traditional houses is eliminated.