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Company profile

Hefei Angu Future Housing Technology Co., Ltd.

Hefei Angu Future Housing Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Angu (China) Building Materials Group and one of the five wholly-owned holding subsidiaries of the Group. Hefei Angu Future Housing Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Angu Construction Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Angu New Materials Co., Ltd., Guangdong Kashibao Building Materials Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Dongwei Chemical Construction New Materials Co., Ltd. The main business of the Group is to customize industrial design and production of European and American light steel villas, green integrated packaging, high-end stone and chemical building materials factories. Construction, overall services, 1:1 light steel villas, decoration and other scenarios. Group enterprises covering light steel villas, green decoration, stone materials, indoor and outdoor decoration factory industrialization customization, chemical building materials development, logistics, Guangdong building materials trade, etc., have more than 100 office workers, more than 1000 industrialized workers, 6,000 square meters of office area, 40,000 square meters of Hefei factory processing and manufacturing industrialization base, 10,000 square meters of Foshan, Guangdong Province. 1000 square meters of building materials research and development center.

Hefei Angu Future Housing Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading enterprise of the whole house decoration industrialization of light steel villas under the banner of Angu Group. It promotes light steel energy-saving and earthquake-resistant villas and integrated green whole house installation operators through Internet e-commerce platform + industrialization of physical factories + self-created management mode. The registered capital is 10 million yuan, and the main production bases are located in Hefei, Anhui Province and Foshan, Guangdong Province. Angu Future Residence is a brand of cloud service for private customized villas and green decoration in Chinese drunken countryside under the banner of Angu Group, which provides new integrated villas with environmental protection, energy saving and earthquake resistance, advocates green, low-carbon, healthy and pastoral lifestyle, and secures future residential buildings with the core of enjoying comfortable and beautiful green life culture, and with fast rhythm, high consumption, heavy pollution and high pressure in cities. Under the severe situation, in 2018, Angu will start the whole solution of housing integration industrialization to build future residential buildings. It will invigorate the rural economy in the north and south of China, create the drunk and beautiful rural industry plan, make Angu energy-saving and earthquake-resistant light steel villas popular in the north and south of the country, become a beautiful scenery line in the beautiful countryside of our country, and let young people love them. Return, let the left-behind children and the elderly live in safer, reliable and comfortable houses, let the high-end people tired of urban life have a comfortable small harbour, let the old people who love pastoral life enjoy their old age.

cIn the coming years, Angu plans to establish more than 20 production bases at home and abroad, establish and improve the partnership sharing mechanism, and make Angu Group become an international first-class integrated residential industrialization leader.