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Distribution of the whole industrial chain

01.Light steel villa industry:

Angu mainly establishes two major systems of wall practices, namely, the original European and American hollow wall and solid wall with Chinese characteristics. Each of the two schemes has its own strengths and advantages. Hollow light steel villas in developed countries in Europe and the United States have developed for more than 100 years. The system is mature, the products are stable, more environmentally friendly, the performance is excellent, and the structure is reliable. Solid system has been developed and popularized in China in recent years, which is more in line with the Chinese people's recognition of traditional buildings. Solid system construction technology is relatively complex. The wall adopts 3D grouting or grouting technology, which is relatively slow, wet construction on site is more, and requires more machinery. The wall can bear loads and has no sense of void. The overall structural performance of the two schemes is almost the same.

02.German system door and window industry:

German system door and window industry: In order to ensure high-end configuration, quality assurance, cost reduction and benefit customers of the company's light steel villa industry, the group set up "Ameson Brand" German system door and window production plant specializing in manufacturing system doors and windows, introducing domestic high-end full-line equipment, supporting the company's light steel villa industry. Aluminum alloy system doors and windows technology originated in Germany, because of its excellent thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, airtight performance, high-end villas in China have been rapidly promoted and developed, performance and cost far exceed traditional doors and windows.

03.Bamboo-wood fiber integrated wall top:

Bamboo and Wood Fiber Integrated Wall Top: Angu Group launched "Ameson Brand" Bamboo and Wood Fiber Integrated Wall Top System products. In Foshan, Guangdong, Hefei, Anhui Province, two major industrial production bases have been established with complete varieties and dozens of lines, as well as various specifications of boards, 6D relief background printing, UV highlight painting, etc., to meet the needs of different customers. Bamboo-wood fiber integrated wallboard is environmentally friendly, beautiful and easy to install. These excellent performances are unparalleled in traditional decoration. Not afraid of water, sound insulation, heat insulation, fast installation, one-time forming, recyclable, etc., is the best choice for light steel villa interior. Angu has more than 20 extrusion production lines, more than 40 sets of sheet film covering equipment, all kinds of moulds, product applications for a number of national patents and certification by the state authorities, truly achieve true environmental protection, quality.

04.Customization Industry of Ceramic Tiles and Stones:

Ceramic tile and stone customization industry: In order to improve the integration and simplification of light steel villa interior, and to facilitate the majority of customers, the company takes advantage of the supply advantages of the base in Foshan, Guangdong Province, to establish Foshan brand ceramic tile warehouse in Hefei, ceramic tile stone processing base, custom-tailored stone and ceramic tile decoration for customers. It integrates design, customization and installation. Because of the precise size control of the light steel villa, it can be processed and formed at one time in the factory, and the finished product can be sent to the customer's home to install, so that the site can be cut-free and more convenient. At the same time, Angu is able to deliver goods directly from factories without intermediate links and low prices for large brands.

05.Chemical building materials:

Chemical building materials: Angu Deep ploughing chemical building materials field for 18 years, with the development and supply of high-quality chemical building materials products well-known industry. Angu ceramic tile and stone adhesives, ceramic tile backing glue, sealant series, decorative accessories, marble glue, dry hanging glue, silicone glue, waterproof system, reinforcement special material system, etc.