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Common problem

Three most common questions about light steel villas!

Date:2019-03-06 Views:519

Often friends leave messages asking, light steel villas in the end is not safe, durable? Looking at the effect map is very good, do not know how to build it? The appearance is good, can you also send out the inside? For fresh objects, we will certainly have a variety of doubts, today's editorial will give you one by one to solve these problems.

1. Is light steel structure safe or unsafe?

This picture illustrates the problem very well. The light steel frame and the internal and external maintenance plates are connected by galvanized self-tapping screw to form a very strong "ribbed structure system". Therefore, our light steel villa has the advantages of anti-seismic and anti-snowstorm. Compared with traditional houses, its strength is only strong and not weak. Look at this steel bar, full of security!

Others also mentioned that light steel structure will be easy to rust ah, 10 years later will be rusted unsafe. You don't have to worry about this. The aluminized and zinc-coated materials used in our light steel structures can avoid the rust problem very well. Termites are not afraid. Their corrosion resistance is more than 100 years.

2. Is it good to build?

Florsack casually takes a household as an example. The warm ivory white shape matched with the chocolate-colored connection structure gives people a very elegant overall feeling. The house is built even better than the effect map, and the appearance can also score full marks.

3. How about the interior decoration

The overall European interior style, practical as the first priority, with simple lines instead of complex patterns, part of the decoration using more bright and fresh color, not only retains the classical European elegance and luxury, but also more suitable for the leisure and comfort of modern life. The exterior is beautiful, and the interior is not stereotyped. This is Dingrong Light Steel Villa with the same exterior and interior.