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Industry dynamics

Rust Removal Technology of Light Steel House and Villa

Date:2019-03-07 Views:464

Light steel houses and villas need rust removal in the construction process. Maybe everyone will ignore this point. Many people may not know that, in fact, in the construction process, we need to carry out rust removal, and the most commonly used equipment for rust removal is shot blasting cleaner. We need to remove all kinds of welding slag on the rust layer, as well as oxide skin, so that our steel structure presents itself. Metal luster, in this way can improve the quality of steel and anti-corrosion effect. It is also good for our overall construction, and we use automated equipment in the production process, which can improve the industrial efficiency, benefit the construction of our entire industry, and also require very strict technology for light steel housing. Then I think with the demand of the construction industry in China, the use scope of our light steel structure will become more and more extensive. Broad, so the relevant enterprises should continue to innovate and seek better construction programs.

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With the vigorous promotion of China's 12th Five-Year Plan and the investment of a lot of manpower and funds in increasing infrastructure construction requirements, the construction of light steel structure has a great impact on other industries. We hope that it will continue to improve in order to increase the various uses of light steel structure. In addition, with the support of policy, the state will actively guide the development of light steel structure industry in light steel villas. China's light steel structure building will continue to grow.