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Industry dynamics

Five obvious advantages of light steel Villas

Date:2019-03-06 Views:459

Several Advantages of Light Steel House

In the light steel boom of these years, the process, design, quality, construction and other links of light steel are being tested layer by layer. After technological innovation and the baptism of the times, it will be integrated into Chinese life and become an indispensable new material for Chinese housing construction. Today, the editor talks about the advantages of light steel housing overview, mutual encouragement!

1, culture

Light steel villas are designed by professional architects according to customers'preferences and price control budget. In a reasonable housing structure, the color, structure, style and cultural connotation of the house to meet customer needs and requirements.

2, economy

The total building price of light steel villas is calculated according to square meters. The high density of steel structure per square meter leads to the low and considerable price per square meter. In addition, the reasonable design of designers reduces the budget cost and greatly saves the construction cost of users.

3, environmental protection

The light steel villa avoids the pollution of concrete, lime and other building materials in the process of construction. The concrete is poured into the wall through the construction of light steel. It saves building materials and increases the drying time of the wall, so that customers can get in as soon as possible.

4, prudent

Light steel villas have low requirements for the ground. They do not need to check the material of the ground before they are built. They have reasonable mechanical construction for the slope of the ground. The main frame is composed of H-type, C-type, Z-type and U-type steel members, which makes the structure stable and can resist M 9 earthquakes and M 12 gales.

5, recycling

The recovery rate of light steel villas is very high. Over 92% of the houses have been used for 100 years, which has surpassed human life. The loss of traditional houses in maintenance is about 56%, and the recovery rate is low.