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Integrated Housing: With green quality, round your villa dream!

Date:2019-03-06 Views:462

Integrative Housing to Realize Your Villa Dream with Green Quality

Seismic, thermal, moisture-proof, beautiful, environmentally friendly, durable, warm in winter and cool in summer...

These are the characteristics of integrated housing. Because of these advantages, more and more people are willing to understand and choose integrated housing. It is precisely because of these advantages that the integrated housing industry is developing rapidly like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

Integrated housing

1. Integrated Housing Development in Urbanization

At present, China's urbanization construction is in full swing. On the one hand, small and medium-sized cities continue to expand, and many new residential buildings need to be built to meet the needs of farmers entering the city; on the other hand, people willing to stay in the countryside to carry out the construction of new countryside, there is still a lot of room for the development of construction industry.

However, the traditional construction industry is restricted by environmental protection, shortage of migrant workers, stubborn engineering quality and other factors, and its development is limited. With its advantages of fast construction speed, good seismic resistance, and strong thermal insulation, integrated buildings quickly attacked cities and grabbed land, emerged in the construction industry and quickly became popular.

2. Integrated houses are earthquake-resistant dwellings

We should put the quality of housing in the first place, improve the level of earthquake resistance, build earthquake-resistant residential buildings, and ensure that the people living in disaster-stricken areas have a safe living.

Safety is our basic requirement for housing. The reconstruction of disaster areas needs earthquake-resistant residential buildings. Earthquakes occur frequently. Most areas also need to build earthquake-resistant residential buildings.

After many earthquakes in 2014, people in many areas have realized the importance of earthquake-resistant residential buildings and earthquake-resistant integrated houses, so building earthquake-resistant integrated houses is the consensus of the people.

3. Integrated Housing Protects Our Environment

Red brick and cement are building materials with high energy consumption and high pollution. It has been the consensus of many people to eliminate red brick. We already have environmentally friendly, safe and recyclable alternative materials. These materials are manufactured in factories. Each index meets the relevant national standards. It is important that 90% of these new building materials can be recycled and reused, so they are very environmentally friendly.

Integrated housing

4. Integrated housing reminds us of nostalgia

The construction of new countryside must follow the road that accords with the reality of the countryside, follow the law of the development of the countryside itself, fully embody the characteristics of the countryside, pay attention to the local flavor, retain the countryside style, retain the green mountains and waters, and remember the nostalgia.

The integrated house belongs to the assembled house. Its appearance meets various needs. It can show the modern flavor of the new countryside, also can be antique and retain the rural style. Moreover, the structural life of the integrated house can reach 90 years, and the century-old house will no longer be a dream.

5. Integrated Housing is the Trend of Housing Development

With the progress of science and technology, our life has changed. More and more new materials and technologies have been applied to the construction industry, and the safety and comfort of houses have been gradually improved.

Seismic fortification of degree 9, application of thermal insulation layer and thermal insulation layer, construction period of no more than two months, thermal insulation glass and people-friendly price are all benefits brought to us by modern science and technology. It can be seen that the emergence of integrated housing is the result of the improvement and development of housing itself. Traditional housing has been eliminated by the times.

6. Building Integrated Housing with Internet

The integrated house belongs to the assembled house, and the materials needed for building the house are assembled like the assembled automobile when the factory produces and transports them to the site. What style, material and high-rise apartments can be selected and ordered online in the Dalian Light Steel Villa (www.lidabieshu.com).

Whether from the development trend of housing itself, or from people's constant pursuit of residential safety and comfort, it is the general trend that integrated houses quickly enter thousands of households. Integrated houses with green building characteristics make your dream of villa housing come true!